I was lucky enough to serve a Mission for the

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

in the Germany Berlin Mission.

It was better then I could have possibly dreamed of.

I will forever be thankful for all of the things

I learned being there being able to help others

come unto Christ as well as myself I will forever be changed from this Experience.

-I know a lot of people give advise on what to do to prepare or what to know before you serve a Mission. I want to share what to Remember once you are there.  Because really that is more important then the things you do before.


P.S Remember these are my Opinions not Doctrine or anything.

1. Be focused on what your Purpose is as a Missionary. You will learn your Purpose from Preach my Gospel. However figure out what your personal purpose is as well. Something you can often say to yourself to keep you Positive and focused on being a Missionary. For Example mine was: This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine. Mixed with the Quote, Don’t shine so that others can see you, Shine so that through you they can see Him.

2. One thing I learned from my wise District Leader as I found out I was going to be training my third transfer. Make your companion your best friend. You will have differences. Don’t focus on them focus on the things you have in Common. If times get tough just have a quick Comp Inventory and you’ll be good. Don’t forget to pray as you leave the house as well and hug right after you pray. Best thing ever to strengthen your Comp Unity.

3. Smile and be happy have that Joy that you have found in the Gospel and help others to have that Joy. Laugh a lot, Smile a lot,  just be happy and when it is hard to be Positive just sing this song in your mind.

“Our God is a good God, Yes he is, He lifts us up, turns us around, he put our feet up on the solid ground.” I will forever remember the experience I had with a Companion we missed our train, it was pouring rain, and my sandal broke running for the train. As we waited for the next one we jumped around at the train station in the rain singing this song. SO MUCH JOY.

4. Family is everything in this Gospel. Think about your family often not in a point that it makes you so homesick but that it motivates you to work harder to make them proud. Also my favorite was thinking about my future Family.

//Recommendation: So I started this notebook at the beginning of my Mission I call it my “Family Journal”. In this journal I wrote everything I learned on my mission that I wanted to do with my family. Such as; Scriptures, Quotes,  Family Home Evening games,  advice, and Traditions. Much more as well but you really can learn so much just from talks at conference, asking members their advice in Raising a Family in the Gospel.  Get trunky for Heaven!

5. Take a lot of pictures because once you are home they will be the only things reminding you that the past 18 months or 2 years weren’t a dream.

//Recommendation: One of my Companions was a Genius and thought about the idea that when you eat a meal with Members to take a picture with them. Then you have a picture with a family that so kindly fed you on your mission, and you can print it our and write a Thank you note on the back and give it to the Member so they will Remember and know how thankful you and your Companion are for them. Win Win.

6. Pray a lot,  make a lot of Goals, love your mission, be happy, serve with Joy, most importantly Bring others Unto Christ.

Check out my Posts from my Mission they are in the Archives Feb 2013-August 2014.


If you have any questions about packing, missions, food, members, the gospel really anything at all please ask.  We can email or go to lunch one day and I can give you all the Advise you would like. Along with just getting to know you and how you decided to Serve a Mission.


XOXO Karly Ruth


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