I am an Aunt.

I’m an Aunt!!

Well, man oh man, I think this is one of the greatest emails I have ever received. I can’t believe I am an Aunt! I’m so happy and excited to meet little Truett.

This week was so good. I had a great birthday last week. We met with a family from the ward here and that was great. They are very cute and just so loving!

We finally got our African dresses and they are SO AMAZING. I’m not going to send a picture home and have suspense until I get home – Ha-ha 🙂 they are so cute though! 🙂 You all are going to die!!!

We have the world’s best investigator and he will be getting baptized soon! 🙂 About 3 weeks ago he was a strong Atheist and now he knows he has a Father in Heaven who he can pray to every day. He knows that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that with Him, everything is possible. It is just amazing. He is a miracle man and just doing so great. He is giving up smoking and is doing well with it. He is really amazing and I am so thankful I have been able to teach him!!

I’m so thankful for my mission and I really can’t believe it is coming to an end so fast. I’m so thankful for this Gospel and for all it has given me and I feel so blessed every day to be a member and missionary for the church. I’m so sorry that my emails are getting more boring and shorter with time. Now, it is just all the same normal life to me. I don’t ever remember what to tell you all. I’m so sorry.

You can pray for our investigator this week that he will be able to give up smoking and be baptized. He really is so great and he can use as many prayers as possible.

Okay I give up! I have to send pictures of our African lady dresses so I don’t feel bad for writing such a short and boring email.

African Lady Dresses
African Lady Dresses

I don’t have any news from here that can top the news I received about my nephew.


Sister Ahrenholtz


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